Alpamayo trek

Alpamayo trekThis is an interesting route because it affords the classic view of the north side of Alpamayo, which was voted “the most beautiful mountain in the world”. The trek wanders through beautiful landscapes composed of snow-covered peaks, lakes, and green Andean vegetation. It crosses many passes and visits a classic high Andean village, Colcabamba, whose inhabitants lead a traditional way of life maintaining their ancient customs. It is rated “difficult”, but rewards the traveler with a sense of wonder and discovery that will not soon be forgotten.

Tour type: trekking
Trek Grade: Moderate to strenuous
Duration: 10 days
Best time to go: April - September
Maximum Altitude: 4850m
Average walking per day: 5 - 7 hours.

Itinerary at a glance [detailed itinerary...]

alpamayo trek map cordillera blancaDay 1: Huaraz 3250m - Llanganuco - Portachuelo 4767m - Vaqueria - Paria 3800m.
Day 2: Paria - Punta Unión pass 4750m - Tuctu 4200m.
Day 3: Tuctu - Alto Pukahirka pass 4650m - Huecrococha lake 3950m.
Day 4: Huecrococha - Tupa Tupa pass 4400m - Jankapampa 3700m
Day 5: Jankapampa - Janajanka pass 4500m - Huillca 4200m.
Day 6: Huilcca - Mesapata 4600m - Kara Kara pass 4830 - Jancarurish 4200m
Day 7: Jancarurish, day off
Day 8: Jancarurish - Ventuna 4770m - Osoruri 4500m
Day 9: Osoruri - Llampapashillun 4850 - Wishcash 4350m
Day 10: Wihscash - Hualcayan 3250m - Huaraz

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