Pasoturi glacier tour

Tour summary

Puya Raimondi, Pastoruri glacierDuration: 9 hours
Distance:  Huaraz – Pachacoto 39 Km. (paved road). From this point to the glacier 30Km (dirty road).
Itinerary at a glance:      Huaraz – Recuay – Ticapampa – Catac – Pachacoto valley – Patococha lake  – Pumapampa gasified water – Laguna Pumapashimin – Puya Raymondi – wall paintings  – Pastoruri  glacier – Huaraz.
Season: All year
Tour frequency/availability: Every day


This tour has something of adventure, because the mount rises at 5000m, we will visit the South side of Callejon de Huaylas, seeing in the way picturesque Andean towns like: Recuay,  Ticapampa and  Catac with its country decor houses with crosses above their roofs. After we arrive in Pachacoto where we will branch off to Huascaran National Park, from this place start enjoying the natural beauties of Cordillera Blanca, we will visit Patococha (for English.ducks lake), Gasified water of Pumapampa, a spring that reachs one meter according the lunar phases; also we will apreciate greatest plant of the Andes, Puya Raimondi, that belongs to Bromelia family (pineaple), it is considered to have the biggest  inflorescence of all the plants, its leaves are slender, has 5 000 flowers and 6 000 000 seeds, it grows at 3 800 – 4200 m; continuing we see the wall paintings and finally we get to Pastoruri glacier. After to have visited Pastoruri we return for the same route to Ticapampa where we will have lunch and finally we return to Huaraz.