Huaraz city tour

Tour summary

Folk fest in Huaraz cityDuration: 5 hours
Itinerary at a glance: Hotel  – Regional museum - Main square  - Señor de la Soledad church– Calle Jose Olaya street (Huaraz’s ancient street) - Piscigranja (fish farming) – Chancos Hot spring – Huaraz.
Season: All year
Tour frequency/availability: Every day


First, we visit the Regional Museum, which houses the largest collection of pre-Colombian stone sculptures in South America, then, we visit the plaza de armas (main square) of Huaraz, where you may try a delicious Raspadilla (a snow cone made with colorful sugar syrup and shaved ice, which is still being harvested from a local glacier).  Next we head to the Señor de la Soledad church where it is traditional to make offerings of lit candles.  After the church our visit continues with a walk down the Calle Jose Olaya, the only street in Huaraz to have survived the devastating earthquake of 1970, and thus preserves the only example of Huaraz’s original colonial architecture.  As you wander down the narrow cobbled street observing the houses with their balconies and their doors all of the same color, you can imagine what Huaraz must have been like before the disaster.  After Jose Olaya we visit a trout farm where we can sample some trout dishes.  We finish with a trip to the hot springs of Chancos, located 27 kilometers north of Huaraz.  Here you can relax in the swimming pool or in the caves, which are like saunas, but naturally heated.  We have lunch here or somewhere along the way on our return to Huaraz.