Alpamayo trek

Trip notes

When to go

The best season to make this trek is during the Andean summer (April - October). Read more

Clothing and accessories

See the list of recommend gear and equipment list

Description of the trek

The trek is considered as a moderate to strenuos difficulty, with 9 nights camping in places higher than 3700m, with an average walking per day of 6 to 7ours, its highest point is Llampapashillun 4850m. We strongly recommend to make at least tow day acclimatization in places higher to 3800m (short hiking), previous to depart for this trek. If you have more days and you are interested to make some mountaineering activity you can extend the tour to Pisco mountain 5750m, with three additional days you can make the Alpamayo trek and climb to Pisco mountain.

Trekking permit

The entrance tickets must be bought in advance in Huaraz, in Huascarán National Park's office, it costs S/. 65.00 (USD 25.30).


In the las years, not have been reported any problems in this circuit.

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