Getting to the Cordillera Blanca

getting to the Cordillera BlancaLima city, the Peru’s Capital is the main entry point  to the country, because there is located Jorge Chavez Airport,  an International Airport where arrive all the abroad flights.

From Lima to visit Cordillera Blanca, you first must get to Huaraz city, the entry point to the  Cordillera Blanca.

To get to Huaraz you have two ways:

By land

There is a paved road of 400 Km, a bus takes 8 hours from Lima to Huaraz. There are many companies as schedules from Lima to Huaraz. Among the most known bus companies are: Cruz del Sur, Movil Tours and Oltursa.
If you come from Trujillo, the North of the country, you can take the Panamerican Highway to Pativilca, (380 Km) then take the same route to Huaraz. There are many bus companies that offer these service, the most known bus companies are Movil Tours and Linea.

By air

For the time being the flights to Huaraz have been canceled.

Huaraz, is located below the Cordillera Blanca, so getting from there to the mountains, lakes and other places is relatively easy, the most common way to get to the start points of the treks or to the access points for the climbing routes is hiring a vehicle (rural vans or taxis). Only a few places is possible to get using the public service bus (colectivos), most of them only get to the villages, from there to the mountains you need to walk more, of course this is the cheapest way to get there. If you like to make one day visit without hike, you can take the convetional tours, one day bus tours, this kind of tour are common in Huaraz