Churup lake hiking

Tour summary

Laguna 69 hiking Tour type: hiking
Hiking Grade: Moderate
Duration:  1 days
Best time to go: April - November
Maximum Altitude: 4450m
Average walking per day: 5 hours.


Day hike special for acclimatization. At indicated time after the breakfast pick up in the hotel, we drive for around 1 hour to the east side of Huaraz city until Pitec 3900m, the boundary of the Huascaran National Park, from there we start hiking, we walk for around 2.5 hours to get to the lake among the Ichus (Andean grass), quenual (typical trees of the region) and a rocky part. The lake is located below the mountain of the same name, we stay there for around 1 hour to take the photos, rest and have lunch. Then we return for the same path that we climbed up, we go down to Pitec where the van wait for us to take us back to Huaraz city, where we arrive around 3:00 Pm.